Better use BÜFA – Extensive distribution network in Europe

Customers are the number one priority at BÜFA Composite Systems. With excellent customer support and expert product guidance, BÜFA offers an all-round carefree package. BÜFA Composite Systems will be available to provide on-site support with experienced service technicians. Practical application technologies provide a rapid and unproblematic product switchover.

An extensive distribution network in Europe

All BÜFA specialities and selected premium trade goods are offered via the Europe-wide sales partners as well as the BÜFA distributors in Germany, Poland, Estonia, Spain, Benelux, Finland and Great Britain. In this way, BÜFA has an internationally reliable service network at your disposal.

The ability to supply as a primary goal

The capacity to provide products is of major importance in this context. BÜFA Composite Systems is currently looking at a reliable supply situation. Strong and long-standing relationships with its suppliers show how global developments can be successfully managed. ”The discussions we are currently having in the industry with our partners and customers allow us to look ahead with confidence,” says Lothar Kempf, Managing Director of BÜFA Composite Systems.

Expansion of modern warehouse capacities

With the site expansion in 2018 in Rastede-Liethe, an additional 8,000 m² floor space was created. The warehouse capacity was expanded with 3,000 additional storage slots. In view of the constantly growing demand of composite specialities and modern, automated warehouse logistics, this is a real added value. The additional storage space will ensure constant delivery times now and in the future.

About BÜFA Composite Systems

BÜFA Composite Systems is Europe’s leading manufacturer of polyester resin specialities and the problem solver for the composites industry. BÜFA offers sustainable complete solutions, for example for fire protection, pool and sanitary applications. In addition, the company provides the chemical industry with outstanding service as well as machinery and application know-how.