New Hobbock – New BÜFA container for the markets

BÜFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG will introduce a new 24-litre hobbock made from strong tin sheeting in robust industrial quality in mid-March 2020.

“We aim to underline the premium quality of our special reaction resins with the design of the new container,” says Sonja Stuckenbrock, Head of Marketing Communications at BÜFA Composite Systems. “Our important target sectors are displayed on the buckets and feature on the container as a design element. This means that the person looking at the item has an overview of the comprehensive range of application options right in front of them.”

However, it is not only the appearance which is designed to impress: In addition to the high standards in terms of design, it was very important during the design process for allowing the use of the new hobbocks in the automatic processing currently planned at BÜFA and for the hobbocks to provide a real benefit for our customers.

Environmental factors also played a significant role in the selection of the new containers, for example, the optimum emptying performance thanks to new mould liners. “This makes the process very efficient for our customers because it enables the material to be removed without leaving any residue and processed. In addition, the clean buckets are particularly environmentally friendly because this makes them much better in terms of recyclability,” explains Krzysztof Bargiel, Head of the Production Division at BÜFA Composite Systems.

The metal carrying handle features a plastic grip, which, for example, makes it comfortable to carry. The conical hobbocks are 430 mm high, the upper diameter is 285 mm and the lower diameter is 270.2 mm. In addition, the containers can be stacked on top of one another, which makes them ideal for space-saving storage. These are all extra plus points for our customers.

The hobbocks in the robust tin sheet design feature impressed reinforcement beading and a secure (re)sealable lid and clamping ring. Another plus point is that the buckets are very robust, whilst being up to 19% lighter.

The buckets are also available with UN dangerous goods approval on request. In this case, they are supplied with the correct lid, clamping ring and safety splint. The hobbocks with UN approval for dangerous goods feature the test number, which is printed in large text on the container.

The packaging changeover will take place on a step-by-step basis as of March 2020 and should be completed in Autumn 2020.